Created in April 2014 by Audrey CAUET, a young and dynamic French entrepreneur, the company My Little France offers a unique selection of wines and Champagnes, made by independent French winegrowers.

Originally from the Champagne region, this is an environment that is familiar to Audrey and to which it bears a particular condition.

After studying International trade of wine and spirits, Audrey is not limited only to the knowledge of Champagne, as she loves all the products of her native country!

My Little France is perfectly set up to allow you to discover the tradition, authenticity and delight of French Champagne in New Zealand.

During the past year, a large number of satisfied customers have purchased our products.  Isn't it time you joined them?

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Audrey’s Message

My key priority has been to assist people to discover genuine Champagne in New Zealand and to experience the quality of the products that I supply. Our point of difference is that we work exclusively with boutique French vineyards and each bottle has its own story!

My Goal: Satisfaction for My Little France customers! I want to introduce new styles of French wine and new French producers every year to increase the pleasure and enjoyment derived from drinking our Champagnes.

The Means: We work hard to maintain excellent partnership relations with each of our suppliers, and in turn, this means we are able to constantly sample potential new products.

My philosophy is to share my passion for French Champagne by selecting authentic French products and to maintain a good balance between quality and price.

Welcome to My Little France!  Please enjoy your visit.

Authenticity & Tradition

My Little France offers a range of unique wines and Champagnes made in the purest French traditions.

In fact, our company offers Champagne produced by independent, boutique growers who make it a point of honour to provide consistently high quality products.

From harvest to bottling, the wines are all developed through a genuine and traditional "French knowledge", well known around the world, for its quality, refinement and luxury.

We invite you to explore some of these products in our online store.



Joseph Desruets Rose

New Products

A wide selection of wines, typically unknown to the New Zealand general public is offered at My Little France.

Indeed, our portfolio of independent growers allows us to share with you, wines and Champagnes never before seen in New Zealand.

You can explore and discover these exceptional wines that are exclusive to us.

This year, My Little France presents Champagne Joseph Desruets Rosé.  Abandoned for a long time, the Rosé returns to the centre stage of sparkling wines.

Fresh and zingy, with lots of red fruit in the mid palate and a rich fruity finish!

Try some today !

Diversity Of Product

My Little France is continuously seeking new producers and products. Our goal is to offer a wide, unique and interesting selection of high quality wines made by independent French wine producers.

We regularly travel through France looking for new products to bring to our New Zealand customers.  We do the hard work, so that your don't have to!! 

Simply make your selection in the shop and enjoy the best wines from France in New Zealand !

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Respect The Wine Producers

Respect For The Producers

My Little France values the strong relationships it has developed with many wine and Champagne producers in France.  We have built these relationships over many years to the extent that many are now personal friendships and some are almost like family!  The benefit to you, our customer, is a reliable and regular supply of quality product.

We are in regular, direct contact with our producers and we like to stay up to date with their news, developments, plans and achievements.  We respect the French culture, methods and history of these producers. 

Through our strong connection with traditional French Champagne producers, we are in a unique position to assist you in your discovery of these quality, genuine products.


At My Little France, one of the cornerstones of our business is providing New Zealanders' with the opportunity to taste and discover rare wines that can not currently be bought elsewhere. 

In this regard the wine and Champagnes that we offer are unique and exclusive to you. 

The producers are boutique vineyards and the products are made in limited quantities. 

We recommend that you purchase from us as soon as the products become available and are in-stock, as it is quite common for them to sell out! 

Don't be disappointed - shop today!

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Connect With Us !

One of our priorities is to keep you informed of our news, and the news from the different wine-making processes from our suppliers.

When new products are introduced, we often promote special offers. In addition, we also organise wine tasting and champagne tasting events and we would love to invite you!

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You can check our News page to find out more about what we're up to !

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