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Champagne Grapes and Vintages

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A question we often get asked!
Here’s some information to help you get the gist of it:  You can read more on our FAQ page

The primary grapes used in the production of champagne are black pinot noir and pinot meunier but also white chardonnay.

  • Chardonnay (30% of production surface) gives freshness, elegance and finesse
  • Pinot noir (38% of production surface) adds body, structure, aroma and complexity of flavors.
  • Pinot meunier (32% of production surface) brings fruits and floral aromas.


Most of the champagne produced today is “non-vintage”, meaning that it is a blended product of grapes from multiple vintages. If the conditions of a particular vintage are favourable, some producers will make a vintage wine that must be composed of 100% of the grapes from that vintage year.

Prestige cuvée:

A cuvée de prestige is considered to be the top of a producer’s range, often named after notable people with a link to that producer and presented in non-standard bottle shapes. A special champagne for special people and special occasion!

Blanc de noirs:

A french term (literally “white from black”) for a white wine produced entirely from black grapes.

Blanc de blancs:

A french term that means “white from whites”, and is used to designate champagnes made exclusively from chardonnay grapes

Rosé champagne:

Pink champagne are produced either by leaving the clear juice of black grapes to macerate on its skins for a brief time (known as the saignée method) or, more commonly, by adding a small amount of still pinot noir red wine to the sparkling wine cuvée.