A vineyard on land of outstanding quality, for over a century, Desruets Champagne have spared no pains to produce the finest Champagne.

The family-run firm of Desruets was founded in 1888 in Hautvillers, in the heart of the Champagne region where Dom Perignon produced the world’s first bottle of wine now known as champagne.

The Desruets family are in great company and have always known how to produce high quality Champagne.


A vineyard on land of outstanding quality, know-how dating back a hundred years and traditional methods… For over a century Desruets have spared no pains to produce the finest champagne.

With a vineyard rooted in a terroir of inimitable quality considered to be one of the best in the region, over the generations Desruets have nurtured their inherited know-how to produce wines bordering on perfection. Desruets are eager to maintain their identity and traditional techniques and have always pressed their grapes in the old way using an original wooden “Darcq Flamain” press. Each batch of wine therefore encapsulates Maison Desruets’ 124 years of history and passion, giving it all the characteristics and aromas that make it a truly unique champagne.

Elaboration Blending

Desruets champagne is a blend of the 3 champagne grape varieties: Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

Chardonnay gives great champagne all the liveliness and finesse that makes it famous while Pinot noir adds intensity and strength. Pinot Meunier, on the other hand, adds a fruity note that results in champagne which is both finely balanced and boasts great complexity of aromas.


Desruets champagne is aged on the lees for an average 3 years. Our cellars are maintained at a mean temperature of 12°C to ensure optimal ageing.


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