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Champagne JD – Cuvée Nature – Extra Brut NV – Case of 3x MAGNUM


The Magnum Version of the Joseph Desruet Brut Reserve is the perfect gift, or if you wish to make your celebration feel even more special, a Magnum never fails to impress!

Priced per bottle, it is twice as much Champagne will also age better in this larger container.

The Cuvée Brut Réserve comes to a balanced blending of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Pinot Meunier completes the blending with its sweet and fruity flavours. By family custom, this champagne takes advantage of a minimum ageing of 30 months in cellars and a dosage at 9gr/L. This champagne represents the identity of the House Desruets through its aromatic potential.

The colour is characterised by a golden hue – brilliant and clear – accompanied by a plentiful of fine bead.

A first nose offers precise and expressive tones, rich of orchard blossom, from ripe red apple to the sweet honey.




With a terroir of exceptional wealth, a rich century-old expertise and traditional  methods, the House Desruets have strived since the nineteenth century to produce the best champagnes.

Tasting notes

Our Cuvée Nature comes to an equilibrate blending between Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier ; with a minimum ageing of 40 months in cellars and without sugar added. The creation of the Nature requires high quality grapes to emphasises all the typicity of great wines of Champagne.


Pale golden in the colour with beaded shades accompanied by a fine and delicate effervescence.

On the nose

This champagne has a rich nose of ripe stone fruits, sweet flavours of warm brioche and fine pastries.

On the palate

Fresh and zesty, yet mouth filling with layers of ripe apricot, peach and pear and a long dry finish.


This wine goes perfectly together with seafood such as grilled trout or salmon, poached sea bass. It can also be paired with parmesan cheese.

Serve at 8-9°C.

Additional information

Number of Bottles

Per Bottle, Case of 6